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This is me “Johnny Clingham” This is what I looked like in 2018

Hi, I am Johnny Clingham I have revived St Helena Online beyond its former glory.

I am a St Helenian (or a Saint) who is an audio video and web media enthusiast. I offer website development solutions and I am passionate about contributing to and promoting St Helena online to encourage investment and adventure tourism to St Helena.

I don’t live on St Helena but I grew up here, so I know too well what it’s like to live on an Island that has limited resources and limited opportunities, I have been very fortunate to leave the Island to live and work abroad, I am passionate about technology and digital transformation especially when it can be used to grow small communities just like St Helena.

I am a supporter of change for St Helena and am keen to promote the Island during its transition for, growth and new economic development.

St Helena online offers a raft of information and reporting thanks to those who continue to contribute to the content, our voluntary contributors are located in different parts of the world but retain strong connections to this pea-sized island in the South Atlantic Ocean. 

St Helena Online was originally set up for blogging by Simon Pipe and was intended to bridge media gaps on the Island with some fantastic pieces posted to this website and enhanced reporting quality. 

In June 2020 Simon Pipe (the originator) decided that he could no longer maintain this St Helena platform and was happy to close this chapter of his reporting this is where I who had worked closely behind the scenes over the years with Simon on his St Helena journey decided that the quality of content and great reporting was not going disappear into cyberspace, especially when it came to key dates in St Helena‚Äôs history. 

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