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About St Helena Online

St Helena Online was revived beyond its former glory by Johnny Clingham who is a St Helenian (Saint) and a web media enthusiast.

Johnny who now lives abroad, but continues to have a passion for promoting and sharing information about the Island is the sole overseer of this free source of information platform for Island related information. 

J Clingham
Johnny Clingham – webmaster

The website has continued to offer a raft of information and reporting thanks to those who contribute to the content. Voluntary contributors are located in different parts of the world but retain strong connections to this pea-sized island in the South Atlantic Ocean. 

St Helena Online was originally set up for blogging purposes and was intended to bridge media gaps on the Island. Some fantastic pieces were posted to the website and the quality of reporting was enhanced. 

In June 2020 Simon Pipe (the originator) decided that he could no longer maintain this platform and was happy to close this chapter of his reporting. This is where Johnny who had worked closely with Simon on his St Helena online journey over the years entered as he saw the quality of content and understood the value of the reporting, especially when it came to key dates in St Helena‚Äôs history. 

St Helena online today attracts viewers globally, the contact page is constantly busy with St Helena enquiries, thanks to all the information and over 1200 post that is publish here.

Apart from the website and in association with it the St Helena online facebook page this site offers additional information, and if you have a desire to discuss anything about the Island the St Helena online talk group (facebook group) allows you to interact with St Helenian followers and members. 

How to contact us?

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