covid 19

Great news for all who are thinking about returning or visiting St Helena in the next few months because the Incident executive group on St Helena has reviewed St Helena’s response plan to COVID-19 and a decision was taken to implement a quarantine period for only 10 days instead of the original 14 days. 

The isolation bubble requirements have also changed.

All Air freight arriving on the flight will no longer be delayed by 72 hours and will be reduced to 24 hours. 

The home quarantine five metre boundary requirement will also be lifted.

The COVID-19 testing process for all air travellers to St Helena remains the same whereas COVID negative test result must be carried out 72 hours prior to departure and any traveller with a positive test result will not be permitted to board the the flight at Stansted Airport to St Helena, a  test will be conducted on arrival on St Helena and a test on the final day of quarantine will be conducted and travellers will only be released from quarantine if their test results are negative.

During a discussion with member of the IEG, it was mentioned that flights are being investigated to continue from the UK with Titan Airways as a result of the COVID situation in South Africa, so let’s get those seat belts fastened and ready for take-off especially for those of you who are planning to come this way subject to dates having been published.

Visiting St Helena from November to January is very popular for families and friends to return and visit for the Christmas and summer months.

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