Bunkers Hill

Owning your own property on St Helena has proven to be a challenge over the last few years.

Historically young working class St Helena families traditionally would aim to plan to own or would have started to mortgage a property after the first few years in their working life however since the St Helena Airport era this has been near impossible, due to the rising property prices and the lack of affordable land available to purchase at a reasonable price.

The long awaited decision and recent approval of the Bunkers Hill development now offers the opportunity for potential buyers to purchase plots of land.. 

This has now all been made possible by the property developer NG development company who is offering plots of land for sale to the public.

A view of Bunkers Hill

These land plots are now available and on offered to any one who meets the criteria.

The plots are sold in three different categories.

  • First time home owners land plots.
  • Resident buyer land plots.
  • Commercial and investor land plots.. 

Who qualifies in the three categories?

  • First time qualifying buyers, these are available to buyers who have resided on St Helena and Ascension for five years at any time and have been a resident for 365 days prior to purchasing but must have an annual income to not exceed £17,700 gbp/shp
  • Resident buyers. These are offered with the same residential status as above but with an income that do not exceed an annual income of £35,400 gbp/shp.
  • Commercial/Investor plots require no criteria and these are available to anyone.

It is also important to know that this category criteria is not set by the property developer NG development company but is the terms as documented by the St Helena Government land disposal policy which is a condition accepted by the developer for selling the individual plots under the agreement.

What’s included in the sale of the land? 

The plot sizes vary from 0.15 to 0.27 acres.

Guide prices will start from £12.000 GBP/SHP for first time buyers and for resident buyers prices will start at £25.000 GBP/SHP and investors will be considered at a £30K minimum.

All land plots are fully serviceable and the prices will include all weather road access,  excavation of the land and suitable access to infrastructure services, such as domestic water, sewage and electricity etc.

All potential buyers will undergo a due diligence process and if the diligence process is satisfactory, this will be followed by potential buyers of the first two categories to complete the  certification process with a lay advocate, a sales agreement will then be put into place to protect each party to aggree the final sale.

Where is The Bunkers Hill Development?

Bunkers Hill is in the Alarm forest district, which is a well known popular area for residential properties but up until now it has been very difficult to secure a property of any kind in this area.

The current access to bunkers Hill or what is known as Bunkers Ridge locally will be via the alarm forest main highway with access directly opposite the old Alarm forest police post. 

The development boasts many benefits such as  great views and scenery  as it overlooks Rupert’s valley and the haul road and it will also offer views of the ocean and the valleys below.

If you require more detailed information you can contact and speak to the the property developer directly.

 To see other advertise properties on the Island please head over the the property finder St Helena.

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