The conviction of St Helena’s last prison manager for theft has been described as a “sad situation” following positive work on the island.
St Helena Police helped recover stolen property left on the island by Mick Morris, who was said in court in the UK to have had a long-term problem with depression.
Morris, 45, received a six-month prison term, suspended for a year, after admitting to magistrates that he stole two laptop computers, an ebook reader, a netbook mini-computer, and a Polaroid camera from Leyhill Open Prison in the UK, where he was a deputy governor. He was placed on a curfew for 12 weeks, and ordered to pay compensation.
Peter Coll, chief of police in Jamestown, said:
“Mick Morris committed these offences before his appointment in St Helena and they arose as a result of allegations made recently in the UK and that is why this was not picked up in security checks and character references when he was appointed.
“The offences did not involve St Helena and this was a matter investigated and dealt with in the UK. The St Helena Police Directorate were in close contact with the Avon & Somerset Police throughout this inquiry and fully co-operated and assisted them in
the recovery of some property.
“Mick tendered his resignation in St Helena once it became apparent that he was being investigated for these offences and for other personal reasons that prevented him completing his contract.
“This is a sad situation where Mick has left his own reputation tarnished following some positive work for us here. This is a reminder that nobody is above the law either in the UK or in St Helena.”

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