sharon wainwright

An emotive video tribute to the late Sharon Wainwright, who died while pressing St Helena’s case for an airport, has been posted on the internet.
It is the work of Johnny Clingham, UK-based host of the St Helena Community website.
He has gathered a collection of photographs that show Sharon’s fun-loving spirit, set to music.
They show Sharon and friends at Saint FM, at a wedding, enjoying picnics and meals out, dancing, and playing tennis in shocking pink wig, and even parading as the Christmas Fairy, raising money for island charities.
The video was posted in time for the first anniversary of Sharon’s passing, on 15 August. She died suddenly while in London, working on the fight to secure an airport. The Union Flag at The Castle in Jamestown was lowered to half-mast in gesture of respect.
Had Sharon lived just three months more, she would have learned that her efforts had been successful.
See Johnny’s video here.

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