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St Helena’s quarantine restrictions were lifted today.

From today 8th of August 2022, no testing is required on arrival in St Helena and no Isolation periods are needed.

An application for a court injunction against the St Helena Government’s decision was submitted by Mrs Olive Brown on the weekend on the behalf of the anti Covid restriction supporters, the application received a response from the legal system but it was not supported with several valid statements identifying “that there is a process in place to tackle a community outbreak of COVID-19 and protocols have been followed, It was noted that there was a lack of detail written in the application.

Local media also reported that the Chief Justice said that there was no  part in his jurisdiction to decide on the merits of the policy to remove quarantine restrictions but only decide if the decision was unlawful.

Incidentally there were some international arrivals by sea today.

The MV Helena was scheduled to arrive AM today and also the regular fuel delivery tanker was also in Rupert’s bay.

When entering St Helena, vaccination status are not affected, some local organizations and businesses are introducing COVID free zones where as mask are required on entry such as the hospitals and some shops and stores, limited access is also in place at elderly care facilities including SHAPE in Sandy bay  and other vulnerable establishments, there are several local recommendations eg isolating if you have symptoms etc.

The next flight is due to arrive from Johansburg on Saturday the 13th August. 

St Helena is now open. 

More information on visiting and exploring St Helena is available from the St Helena Tourism Services website  

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