Enterprise St Helena and the St Helena Tourism team shot what looks like their final moving St Helena promotional video  which was posted online today.
Staff from Enterprise St Helena and St Helena Tourism with brave faces waved goodbye to the camera  with their usual smiley faces, but no doubt it came with heavy hearts as staff left their offices and job positions for the final time today.
A large percentage of the ESH and St Helena Tourism staff had spent over ten years working for the organisation promoting and working on investment strategies for St Helena including the 2019 investment prospectus that documented some of the possibilities for St Helena. 
The responsibilities of investment and Tourism for St Helena will now be managed by The St Helena Government.
There is no official word on how St Helena’s tourism will operate in the future, however the St Helena Government had previously announced a tender for the opportunity for private sector interest to manage the St Helena’s Visitor Information Service (St Helena Tourism)  ‘Destination St Helena’ This contract was said to be worth up to £100,000, and it was state to be in place from the 1st April 2021(tomorrow) until 2024. 
Staff from the ESH and the tourism team also post final day photos and goodbyes on Social media reminiscing of their achievements and workplace memories over the years, unfortunately as a  result of the decision to close Enterprise St Helena and St Helena Tourism, staff are now made redundant.

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